I'm not dead!

. . . How else can I say this? I'm alive, but irresponsible. Sorry for disappearing.

Tatters hasn't had an update in so long that I'm officially issuing a death certificate. It's not coming back.

I've posted a summary of the rest of Chapter 3. Because if you're still checking back after all this time, first - impressive! Second - you deserve not to be cliffhangered quite so badly.

If anyone has any questions about what's going on or what generally was going to happen, ask away! I will answer as best I can.

It's strange for me to look at Tatters, now, with a degree of separation. This comic is where the majority of my imagination went from adolescence into my early twenties. It had this sprawling epic storyline that just went on and on, full of everything my teenage mind could come up with. Unfortunately, while imagining cool things is instant, drawing them takes hours and will eventually burn you the fuck out. My hand and my time management skills couldn't keep up with my propensity to make stuff up.

Now I'm free to do other things. Maybe they will be worthwhile! Hopefully they will be fun. For me and others, if they want to tag along.

. . . Speaking of which. I'm starting a new pseudonym soon. I'm separating it from Metaleaf because I'll be working on something that I may not want associated with a casual google search of my name. If you want a heads up when I start the development blog for this new mystery project, send a blank email to I'll send some kind of announcement eventually.

So, thanks for checking back. You're all super keen. Sorry there won't be more comics, but it had to happen.


- Metta

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The hiatus will be going on for longer than expected. Personal reasons.

I'll also be in Brazil soon.

In Which I Exhibit My Poor Time Management Skills to the World.

Once again, no panels this week. Rather than putting up another deleted scene (this time we'd be getting into the actual high school stuff, hoo boy) I'm going to suck it up and declare a hiatus.

Not a terribly long one. I just need time to sort life-things out. I'm rushing headlong into long-expected unemployment, I'm looking for an apartment at a time when looking for an apartment is inadvisable, and my mental landscape has come to resemble something from a Sartre novel. Also, I seem to have acquired some kind of minimalist social life, much to my own confusion. I'm strapped for time, is what I'm saying.

I'll be back with a bang once the unemployment hits, I promise. Perhaps before if the apartment hunt bears fruit! Sweet, roomy fruit.

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New panels. Here's the short version.

Small update this week. At a loss for other topics to discuss, I feel a need to inform the world that my fingernails have grown too long. Why can't they just stay the same length forever?

Here's hoping everyone has the kind of week they want to have. Cheers!